Monday, September 23, 2013

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To start out I just want to let my family and friends to know up front if you don't want your feelings to get hurt don't read my blog. It's my blog and I will say what I want to. So don't come back at me and tell me what I should say and not say on my blog. That also goes for anyone else. Friend or not. Now that's out of the way. I will get started.
I was born here in North Carolina, I am a Army brat, so I have been around the world. I have also been married 5 times, so I know about life. The good, bad and ugly. But I have never know a southern man to be lazy. They work hard and they play hard. Huntersville was a very small town at one time (and I wish it still was) everyone knew each other and we could run all over town day or night. It was a very safe place. Everyone went to Suttle's swimming pool, we had drag races, dog fights and only one red light. Everyone went to church on Sunday and then out to eat lunch somewhere, it took us about 30 min. to get to Charlotte. That was before the interstates and Hwy. 21. our roads were dirt then to. But now all those people have moved down from up north(I am being nice) and now this place is a Hell Hole. Most of them say they live in Lake Norman, well come on there is no way you live in Lake Norman its a Lake, a man made lake (and you would not want to swim in it because I was here when it was built and if you only knew what was down there, well you can guess. That doesn't even count the nuke plant and Damn. We now have businesses with Lake Norman in there names. Come on now are ya'll really that stupid up north.   Well lets get back to LAZY PEOPLE, I don't know how they are raised up North and I really don't care. But when you come to the South leave it there or better yet just don't come. I know a man that sets at a desk,comes home for lunch (unless his boss takes him out) goes back to work (if that's what you want to call it) and most days he is home by 4:30. Then he goes to bed until supper gets up most of the time he doesn't eat (just bitches) and them back up to the bedroom to play on his game system until I don't know when and back to bed. That's all he does until the weekend and then he sleeps and plays his games. No yard work, it looks like shit, no house work, no nothing. He can't work on cars, no washing a car, nothing that would take any energy.. N O T H I N G  This is not a joke and guess where he comes from I'll tell you OHIO. If everyone from up north would go back we would have more jobs, cleaner air, and a much happier place to live all they do is bitch about the noise from the use to be drag strip, farms (they smell bad) and they have to change everything. So now you know why this is now The Hell Hole.
Until Tomorrow I'll share my feeling about America. 

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